FAUX FINISHES: The palet, texture, sorts and themes of faux finishes are infini. Could be used in antique style decoration but also in contemporary .

Faux Marble of 2 different kind with faux moldings on flat doors.


Ageing patina on Real wood fireplace.


Aged textured wall with pigment in compound and faux ceramics aged and half broken to look antiques.


Marquetry of 2 faux marbles on wood table.


Stencil and glaze on walls. (Interior Designer Michael Simon).


Copy of Master drawing on aged paper glue to flat guest bathroom door, with fake frame, fake link and nail, fake tag.


Faux sky in a recessed ceiling with imitation of iron works structure copied from the real handrail in the room.


Fake window with landscape view on a faux limestone wall in real/fake reliefs with ageing glaze on wood paneling.


Fake leaves relief and pattern on ceiling above a real gold leaves and faux relief patterns on crown molding.


3 Faux precious wood imitation on real wood library. (Interior Designer Mr Passegrimaud)


Real gold leaf inlays on real molding of a glazed wood paneling. (Interior Designer Michael Simon).


Faux used and aged Trompe l’Oeil diverse reliefs on a aged colored wall with texture done with pigments in compound.