FAUX PAINTING: of all sorts

Nice mix of many different techniques of faux paintings. The idea was to make this guest bath room look antique room. Brand new doors were aged with first coat of faux wood, covered with weathered paint cracking and used. With a glaze over it to age the tones. Wall were treated with compound with pigments in it to imitate a falling apart surface with time. Fake tiles in Trompe l’Oeil were made 3 dimensional. With fake joint, fake missing part and cracking varnish over the patterns and landscapes painted over the fake tiles. you will see below fake ceramic details and ceiling treatment in this same room.


Details of the fakes ceramics with pattern hand painted, crackling varnish and glaze over  it to age the color. The joints and ground were painted in Trompe l’Oeil faux reliefs.


This is the celining of the same room. Imitation of a very old half destroyed ceiling. PLaster falling apart with view of the inside fake wood planks and view on open sky (also fake). The beams seems real but they are made of foam and given a old wood color. To mix real, unreal, 3 dimensional faux painting and flat faux painting.


Details of a faux painted frame, string, nail and tag, to frame a real copy master drawing done on a real new paper aged to look ld and glued inside the fake frame.


Faux marbles painted on a flat door with faux moldings that look like 3 dimensional.


Faux marbles marquetry on real wood table.


Faux painting to imitate a very old wall. done with pigment in the plaster texture, and imitation of a old 3D Trompe l’Oeil, aged by the time and almost disappeared.


Imitation of a wall paper with patter done with stencil and glaze over it. Interior Designer: Michael Simon Inc.


Faux sky in a round ceiling with fake iron works to built up a fake structure on a open view.


On a real wood fire place ( but could be done on any cabinets( imitation of a weathered multi coat/ multi color  paint with glaze to age the tones. Interior Designer: Van Braxton Bohannon.



Fake window on a fake limestone wall. The idea was to imitate an antique decor. The window landscape view was done copying the Hudson River painter Famous school. the limestone is coming over it imitating the old wall. you can see the whole process of this murals if you clic on this website on the home page menu > Info > Techniques


Nice mix of different technique to make this cafe look very old. Pigment in plaster to do a old wall texture falling apart. Fake ceramics with hand painted pattern with cracks and missing part all in Trompe l’Oeil techniques.


Mix of real gold leaves, glaze of crown molding, Trompe l’Oeil pattern (leaves and flower) inside the crown molding mixed with real reliefs (ovals and cubes). Same obove for the ceiling part, with mix of real beige molding, mixed with green and Sienna pattern done in Trompe l’Oeil.


A whole Library done in cheap wood became a beautiful precious wood look with a mix of precious faux wood marquetry. Interior Designer: Mr Passgrimaud.


On very beautiful XVIII century wood paneling, gold leaf stipe used and glaze over the painted wood itself. Interior Designer: Michael Simon Inc