MURALS: We do all kinds of murals. Contemporary, antiques, or for kids

Comtemporary view of TImes Square New York City


Mural done with the particular style of the Hudson River School’s painters


Mural done to age a Cafe/Bar/Restaurant with fake antiques tiles


Same mural with fake Antiques Tiles


Details of the fake Antiques Tiles


Little mural representing a real copy of a master painter Drawings on aged paper with fake frame, fake attach string, fake nail and fake tag


Mural in a real flat niche with fake pictures frames, fake books, fake flower pot and keys set


Mural done with pigment in plaster to imitate a aged wall finish and half erase imitation of old fake molding and vase


Mural done on a curved Ceiling with sky view and abundant flowers in garden


Mural done in a recessed ceiling on the second floor with open view on sky and fake ironworks copying the handrail real ironworks.


Image before the execution of the mural you’ll see below


Mural done with face arched window with exterior landscape view and fake limestone around it


Mural done wit fake shelf and fake poster affiche. Tape and pin nail are also only imitations.


Mural done with a sky view