We are utilizing the finest faux finishes techniques from Europe, we aim to bring more beauty to our clients home and daily life. After thoughtful consultations with the client we go on to develop concepts and designs to capture the tastes of the client and soul of the place. Whether it is contemporary or old world classic faux finish, we adapt with the most beautiful effects from the simple ageing patina to elaborate trompe l’oeil decor.

EXAMPLE: Fake window with fake limestone around in relief, landscape view, and patina on the wood paneling.

Landscape painting with oil pant on canvas


The canvas is glue on the wall with Natural prepared glue.


Drawing of the shape of the arched window and beginning of the covering with compound.


Drawing and taping the future limestone.


Covering limestone taping with compound, then tape taken off.


Coloring the limestone.


Finishing details of volume of window and Limestone.


Ageing patina on the wood paneling.


Final general effect in the room.