Only with few brushes and few paint...

This Artist have a solid experience in the imitation or reproduction (just painting) of all deluxe materials used in décoration (precious wood, marble, onyx, bronze, etc...) in all their possible variations, using a tradition painting technique similar to the one used by the greast Flemish and Dutch master painters of the 17 th century. A technique that gives remarkable results which often span even longer than the real wood and marble used in decoration... Also specialist in "Trompe l'oeil" ,in perspective and artificial mouldings which transform flat surfaces into beautiful reliefs... Finally, specialist in all the technique to make the antique paint like roped paint, removed paint or decrepit wall. Classic patina, new patina and diverse getting old and faux finish.


If you want to see how the job progress from the sketch to the scale model to the real murals project...

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